In building boats we utilise the very best raw materials and equipment which we acquire at competitive prices on world markets. Our continuous product development and modern production methods ensure a quality end-product - i.e. Bella, Flipper and Aquador boats. We have studied boat-building techniques in various countries and co-operated closely with international designers and raw materials' and equipment suppliers worldwide. The finest work methods and the very latest technology are key factors at every stage of production. The skills of our boat-building professionals have ensured the success of Bella Boats.


When you get to know Bella boats, you'll notice their modern Scandinavian design, superb finish, high-quality materials and well-thought-out practical solutions. As an example, all guard- and grabrails as well as fixtures and fittings are manufactured of acid-proof stainless steel. The hulls of all Bella boats are extra strengthened by utilising roving fabrics.


Safety requirements for Nordic boats are the most stringent in the world and Bella, Flipper and Aquador boats are manufactured in accordance with these norms. All models fully comply with the strictest possible safety criteria and are CE-certified - so you can be sure you have made the right choice.

Measuring lateral stability

The degree of stability is a major safety factor. The Bella 512 Europa in the photo has a 160 kg lead weight suspended over its side.

CE certification

Bella boats have been inspected and approved by the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) and certified in accordance with the EU directive on leisure craft. To this effect, a CE plate and VTT plate verifying these approvals has been attached to every boat. The plate records the following information: the manufacturer's name, the boat model, CE class letters, maximum permitted number of persons, maximum load, maximum engine capacity in kW form (1kW = 1,36 hp).