Co-operation with Brunswick/Mercury

Collaboration with the US-based Brunswick Corporation enables us to further develop our products and strengthen our position on the boat market. Mercury Marine and Brunswick Marine in EMEA represent Mercury- and Mariner motors.

The co-operation brings direct advantage for consumers, retail dealers and for Bella-Veneet Oy itself. The international partnership provides opportunities for greater co-operation in product development as well as opening up new retail channels. This form of co-operation also increases the capability to purchase various boat-building materials on global markets at favourable rates. This is a direct advantage for both consumers and dealers alike, in that dealers can offer more competitive prices.

The Brunswick Corporation is the world’s largest marine industry concern. Collaboration with Brunswick provides Bella-Veneet with an opportunity to strengthen its market position in the Nordic countries and to access new markets both in Europe around the world. With such international co-operation, continuous product development and a continued dedication to high quality, Bella-Veneet will become yet more competitive. In the immediate future, Bella-Veneet will concentrate its efforts on sales growth, particularly in Europe.