Bella Boats dealers offer a wide selection of services

Konesolmu Oy is an authorised reseller of Bella-Veneet Oy. Based in Kuopio, Konesolmu Oy is able to serve its customers well in all their leisure boating needs. Managing Director Jaakko Solmu says it's important for Konesolmu Oy to provide excellent service and offer a good selection of useful products. Konesolmu Oy has built a practical selection of services for its business, selling new and previously owned boats while also offering maintenance services, boat storage, spare parts and supplies.

“Our services are designed to fulfil the needs of the most discerning customers, and we offer a large selection of different maintenance, restocking and storage services.  Customers can take advantage of our heated winter storage space, and we also offer covered slots for outside boat storage. While customers can choose to store their boats on our lot, which is patrolled by security, we also offer plastic wrapping and maintenance services for boats kept in winter storage by customers themselves,” says Jaakko Solmu, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Konesolmu Oy.

Maintenance and Care

Konesolmu Oy is widely known for its commitment to good service, and much of the company's customer base is long-term. These customers return to order maintenance services or to order a new boat.

“Needless to say, our service quality helps us to build trust among our customers. However, many of customers also rely on us for quality and flexibility.” According to Solmu, “when we sell a new Bella, Flipper or Aquador boat, we want to be sure the customer satisfaction is as close to one hundred per cent as is possible.”

At the time of purchase, customers can also sign maintenance and winter storage contracts that keep the boating experience stress-free. Customers are also aware that a well-kept boat, with maintenance supervised by leisure boating professionals throughout its life cycle, is worth much more when it's time to trade in the boat.

“It is much easier to calculate a fair trade-in price for a reliable boat you have sold yourself and helped maintain over the years, compared to a situation where you know nothing about a boat's history.” When a boat's history is known to the company, Solmu will offer a longer warranty. This is one of reasons we have so many long-term customers who keep coming back to us for their needs, Jaakko Solmu says.

Doing Business on the Waterfront

The company's location on the shore of Kallavesi Lake makes it easy to take out boats for test runs. This also gives the maintenance staff an opportunity to verify the boats' performance in the actual environment they are used in. Konesolmu works in close co-operation with the boat maker Bella-Veneet Oy, also located in Kuopio. This makes it easy to restock boats and fit them with original parts.

“Our premises in Kuopio are great in terms of making it easy for our customers to do business with us. It's quite effortless to evaluate boats before purchasing, and servicing the boats is painless, since we are located in the same town as the manufacturer. “Customers can bring their boats in for maintenance simply by docking at our company's private pier. We can lift the boat up and take it to the maintenance hangar to be inspected and serviced. This also gives us the opportunity to let our customers explore a new boat they are evaluating for purchase, and let them drive it and become familiar with its characteristics on the water. This is normally not possible, as many boat shops are not located next to water, and the experience is usually reserved for floating boat fairs,” says Jaakko Solmu.