Espen Thorup - Boat Designer

Bella Boat´s Norwegian designer Espen Thorup is an acknowledged boat designer. He started design work at Bella in the year 2010 by renewing the Flipper boat models. After this he designed also the new Bellas and later on he is going to design the new Aquadors.

Espen´s design produces innovative solutions and beautiful shapes of which the new Flipper´s are a fine example. Thorup himself thinks that the boats he designs have to be able to create positive feelings and unforgettable experiences but still remain very safe and practical.

– By design we have to achieve exiting end results that look fresh, feel and are safe and easy to use,
Espen outlines.

While design speaks to boat enthusiast the boats have to be able to be practical and perform excellent. Thorup´s design is identifiable and well-respected of which the international awards bespoke. The latest news are that Flipper 600 DC is nominated to compete for the title of the Best Powerboat of the Year 2015 and Flipper 600 SC is competing in winning the Best of Boats 2014 competition series for the Best for Fun –category. The winners are announced on November 27th regarding to the Best of Boats 2014 competition and the Best Powerboat of the Year 2015 is awarded on 17.1.2015 during the Düsseldorf boat show in Germany. The excitement towards the win for Flipper 600 DC is high because Espen Thorups design has won the same prize before.

Now that Flippers are fully designed and on the market it is time to renew the Bella lineup. The first two new models that have come up are in the 6-meter long series. First boat was Bella 600 R, a center console boat and the second boat was Bella 600 BR (Bow Rider). Both of the new Bellas are based on the Flipper, but the whole Bella model range is premeditated to be more affordable than Flipper.  The differences between the two brands can be compared to the car manufactures such as BMW and Volkswagen.